Astronomical Time Relay

Astronomical Time Relay

It is a digital time relay that includes a real time clock, can calculate sunrise and sunset according to the geographical coordinates it receives according to the selected city code or manually adjusted coordinate information, can be programmed manually between time zones with its flexible programming features, and automatically controls its contacts in line with the programs saved in its memory.

Device; without the need for any sensors such as photocells, in street, street, park, garden, summer lighting with high accuracy; in park, garden and field irrigation; It can be used in the lighting of cash dispensers, shop windows and billboards and in many similar areas.

In the device, which has a battery slot that allows the battery to be replaced or expired; There is a super capacitor as an additional reserve in order to protect the programs and real time information in it from power cuts. These reserves are; It ensures that the set information is protected against power cuts and that the battery life is extended as no energy is consumed from the battery. 

Astronomik Zaman Rolesi

Astronomical Time Relay Appearance

Astronomik Zaman Rolesi 1

With RS-485 Communication

Astronomik Zaman Rolesi 2

Without Communication AR-01

Astronomical Time Relay

Astronomik Zaman Rolesi Ana Görünüş

Astronomical Time Relay Features List

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