Current Transformer

Current Transformer

Measure Current Transformers; In systems where dangerous high rated current (150A, 2000A, etc.) is passed, the meter works according to the electromagnetic induction principle, which reduces the current for measurement purposes to measurable levels and ensures that the devices for protection purposes are isolated from the network and lowered to safer and harmless current levels (1A, 5A, etc.). is the transformer.

Current Transformers; It consists of 3 parts: Primary Winding, where high rated current is passed, Secondary Winding, which is safe and low current, and Magnetic Core for converting the primary alternating current, on which these windings are wound, to secondary current. Thanks to this
structure, high currents drawn from the system can be measured and monitored with Ammeter, Multimeter, Energy Analyzer, Counters, Protection Relays, and all measuring and protection devices working with similar techniques. 

Current Transformers

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