Grounding Strip

Grounding Strip

In the foundation process of building construction, grounding is required. This process is basically done with hot-dip galvanized strips laid between rebars.
Galvanized Rolls After Slitting:
In our Continuous Production Line, Galvanized strips are made as a continuous line by hot dipping method.
Usage Area:
-In the building foundation grounding
-Automotive Industry
-White Goods Industry
-Pipe and Profile Production
-Cable Channel and Lighting Fixtures
-Hardware and Packaging Industry
– It provides ease of storage due to its less space occupancy.
-The amount of waste is low as it provides the opportunity to be cut in various desired lengths.

– Since it is used in desired lengths, the use of additional grounding materials saves time and labor.
– It provides the possibility of flat sheet or formed sheet in very long lengths.
– It provides convenience in the construction of profiles for different purposes.
-Continuous system saves time and labor in pressing operations that require work.

30×3 mm Grounding Strip
35×3.5 mm Grounding Strip
40x4mm Grounding Strip
40×5 mm Grounding Strip
50x5mm Grounding Strip 

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