Multi-Channel Energy Analyzer

Multi-Channel Energy Analyzer

It ensures that energy measurements and records taken with devices used separately for inputs and outputs in Low Voltage Distribution networks can be taken over a Single Device. A complete structure can be controlled and the whole system can be remotely monitored more easily. It can be controlled according to certain scenarios and alarms, and necessary interventions can be made to the system with digital and relay-contact outputs. Energy measurements are in a modular structure that can be multiplied according to the number of outputs needed. With its high reliability in measuring accuracy, it can meet the needs of all energy systems. Altınsoy Multi-Channel Energy Analyzer, of which all quality tests have been completed, is ready to meet your measurement and recording needs in LV distribution networks. 

Data not available in a standard single channel analyzer: 

– Power failure 

– Voltage drop – rise 

– Current and voltage phase sequence error, 

– Frequency drift 

– Overvoltage – overcurrent harmonic, 

– Voltage – current unbalance, 

– Over inductive load – over capacitive load, 

etc. recorded for a feeder. It can be monitored instantly from remote access points. It is easier to analyze and intervene with visual reports. 


In the current and common state of the art, the analyzer uses: 

– RMS values, 

-Phase-neutral & phase-phase voltages, 

-Neutral current, total current, phase currents, 

– Power factor, instantaneous active power (W), instantaneous apparent power (VA) ), reactive power (VAr), 

-Frequency (Hz), 

-Average and maximum powers, 

-Harmonic distortion, 

-Active power consumed per hour (Wh), 

-Inductive reactive energy (kVArh or MVArh), 

-Capacitive reactive energy (kVArh or MVArh) 

-Measures many parameters such as phase angles for All Channels and presents them to the user.

Çok Kanallı Enerji Analizörü

Main Module

Main Module; It is designed to monitor and control smaller systems with fewer outputs that can keep energy measurements and interruption records of the main input and 4 feeder outputs. All energy measurements of the system or facility can be monitored and controlled via the 72x54mm LCD screen or via a remote connection. With the Feeder Module, which can be added as the number of outputs increases, energy measurements and interruption records of larger systems can be transferred to the main module, increasing its traceability and controllability.

Main Module; It has a structure that can read the measurements with high sensitivity and accuracy from X/5A (600/5A, 2500/5A etc.) current transformers for main input energy measurements and X/1A (160/1A, 630/1A etc.) current transformers for feeders. integration has been made.

Main Module; Signal status, detection delay, detection edge information can be monitored, high and low alarm conditions can be created, and control values can be assigned with 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 1 relay contact output that can be adjusted as active or passive on the device. 

Feeder Module

Feeder Module; It has been designed in a structure that can keep energy measurements and interruption records of 4 feeder outputs and transfer all information to the main module, where the information can be read both over the main module and remotely. It is an additional module in a modular structure that works integrated with the Main Module and can be duplicated by adding more than one Feeder Module to each other.

The Feeder Module(s) have been integrated in a structure that can read the measurements with high precision and accuracy from X/1A (160/1A, 630/1A etc.) current transformers for feeder energy measurements. 

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