Silicone Insulator

Silicone Insulator

Today, silicone insulators are preferred as an alternative to porcelain insulators with their high durability, lightness, UV rays and hydrophobic properties. High strength glass fiber fibres between 2
metal caps provide both strength and insulation. Polymeric composite raw material is used in the outer body of the insulator.

As a result of the developments in the field of materials engineering, composite materials are replacing conventional materials in the energy industry as well as in the consumer. Nowadays, the demand for silicon insulators is increasing day by day. 

Silikon İzolatör
K1(40kN) Silikon İzolatör

K1(40kN) Silicone Insulator

It is used as tension insulator in medium voltage lines. 

K2(100kN) Silikon izolatör

K2(100kN) Silicone insulator

It is used as tension insulator in medium voltage lines. 

VHD 35 Silikon İzolatör

VHD 35 Silicone Insulator

It provides insulation between the conductor and the pole in overhead lines. 

Ayırıcı - Mesnet İzolatör

Disconnector - Post Insulator

It provides isolation between the contacts and the chassis in medium voltage disconnectors.
Ayırıcı - İtici İzolatör

Disconnector - Pusher Insulator:

It is used in the drive of on-off knives in medium voltage disconnectors. 

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