Surface mounted/ flush mounted Tables

Surface Mounted / Flush Mounted Tables

Upon request, all kinds of tables in special types and sizes can be produced in accordance with international norms, in accordance with the needs of the project, according to the place of use and request. In addition, board design support service is provided to the system to be

Surface coating can be made optionally as galvanized sheet, hot dip galvanization, electro galvanized, electrostatic powder paint and industrial wet paint. Paint thickness-color, IP protection value can be determined according to customer requests.

All of our boards are TSE-ISO, Domestic Made, EN 9001-2008, CE and TS EN 61439 certified. 

Sıva Üstü / Altı Tablolar
Sıva Üstü / Altı Tablolar
Sıva Üstü / Altı Tablolar

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