Drawer Type Boards

Drawer Type Boards

Drawer type boards are an energy distribution and switching solution created for facilities where the need for energy quality is most critical. With the understanding of the importance
of the drawer type boards and the advantages they provide, the usage area has started to increase. The economic and technical differences brought about by the drawer boards have made the product a mandatory requirement for energy distribution of giant facilities in many sectors that attach importance to energy quality and energy continuity. 

Drawer Type Electrical Boards, which are especially preferred in industrial facilities that need energy continuity, have a separate drawer for each outlet in the system. Protection, control, communication and measuring equipment of each output section are mounted inside the same drawer, and power and control connections are made with sockets and output cables.

Thus, it is possible to replace a failed output unit with a spare of its drawer in a very short time. It is easier to make repairs or the desired changes in the drawer units compared to the fixed type tables.
In Electrical Boards, it is very common to use the Drawer Boards Motor Control Center (MCC), which is designed for changing and maintaining the system without stopping the system, especially when it is not desired to cut off the energy. Drawer boards offer many advantages, especially in industries that require the elimination of malfunctions without stopping the operation (eg cement, dam, paper, chemical industry or water treatment

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